Walnut Crest

Walnut Crest wines rank today as the second largest imported wine brand from Chile. Consistently rated as a Best Buy brand by wine critics and consumers, Walnut Crest offers exceptional value and uncomplicated enjoyment.  Walnut Crest wines are brought to you by Emiliana,  where harmony with nature and commitment to the integrity of the environment are reflected in every wine produced.  Three essential concepts define the Walnut Crest line, which falls within the eco-balance tier.

Sustainable Agriculture

This broadly refers to eco-friendly farming techniques that make full use of the natural resources available in the vineyards.  Careful monitoring of the vineyards is conducted at all times, in an effort to anticipate any problems and, thus, minimize reliance on chemicals.  Certified ISO 14001.

Social Responsibility

At Emiliana concern for the environment does not end in the vineyards.  Emiliana strives to provide a safe and fulfilling work environment for all employees.  To this end, Emiliana has initiated an assistance program that helps their workers complete their education.  This includes providing local schools with computers and internet access.  Certified IMO For Life.

Green Practices

Energy-saving practices are a high priority at Emiliana. Tractors are powered with bio-diesel fuel.  The wines are produced in an adobe-style winery, constructed by skilled local craftspeople from a mix of clay and straw.