I Saltari

Sartori di Verona

In 2006, Sartori introduced a new premium collection of Veneto wines crafted by the renowned consulting winemaker Franco Bernabei, at the new I Saltari winery in the Mezzane Valley, east of Verona.  Bernabei’s work with the winery marks a return to his roots: although Bernabei has made his home in Tuscany for over 25 years, he was born in the Veneto.

The winery is named for mercenary vineyard guardians, “Saltari,” hired by vineyard owners from the 16th through 18th centuries to protect their grapes from thieves and bandits. With legal authority to shoot thieves on sight, the Saltari were ready defenders of the vineyards.  The choice of the name reflects the winery’s own dedication to defending tradition and expressing these vineyards’ unique terroir.