Banfi Piemonte Rosa Regale 2013

  • Varietal 100%
  • Vintages
  • Tech Info
    • Alcohol 7 %
    • Acidity 7 g/l
    • Residual Sugar 109 g/l
  • Region Piedmont
  • Vineyards The vineyard, which gets optimum midday exposure, is located in Acqui Terme, Piedmont, Italy. The grapes are grown in rocky, calcareous soil with tufaceous marl.
  • Winemaking Fermentation with brief contact with the skins, filtration and storage at 32°F. Refermentation in stainless-steel vats, immediately followed by bottling.
  • Tasting Notes Color: Festive cranberry. Bouquet: Aromatic with hints of raspberries, strawberries and rose petals. Taste: Fresh raspberries, with crisp acidity, enticing the palate with an initial softness, graduating to a clean and dry finish.
  • Food Pairing Perfect for any occasion. A unique and festive sparkling wine, seductive aperitif, and elegant dessert wine. Pairs well with seafood, cheeses, spicy fare and chocolate. Serve chilled.
  • Additional Notes This sparkling red wine made from Brachetto d’Acqui in Piedmont, Italy is love at first sip and a perpetual crowd pleaser.

    Pair this wine with the following recipes by chef Nick Stellino:
  • French Toast with Butter-Braised Strawberries in a Cassis & Sugar Syrup
  • Bread Pudding with Two Chocolates
  • Strawberries in Balsamic Vinegar
  • Old-Fashioned Chocolate Pudding
Banfi Piemonte Vigne Regali Rosa Regale Brachetto d'Acqui sparkling red wine bottle from Piedmont Italy