Sweet Bliss Sweet Bliss Red

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  • Tech Info
    • Alcohol 12.5 %
    • Acidity 0.6 g/l
    • Residual Sugar 45 g/l
  • Region United States
  • Vineyards Columbia Valley, Washington and Piedmont for the Barbera.
  • Winemaking This wine comes from several sources within the Columbia Valley. We blend 25% of Barbera from Piedmont to give the blend its signature "cherry" flavor. Some of the blend comes from bulk wines we buy that are rich in flavors regardless of the vintage. We age the blend on oak for a few months.
  • Tasting Notes Color: Deep plum. Bouquet: Ripe red fruit and toasted oak. Taste: Aromas are a harmony of ripe red fruit and toasted oak with deep cheery flavors and a velvety chocolate mouth-feel.
  • Food Pairing Ideal with barbecued chicken, grilled burgers or pizza, even chocolate cake, cheesecake and cobblers.