Florio Malvasia Delle Lipari DOC

  • Tech Info
    • Alcohol 13.5 %
    • Acidity 6 g/l
    • Residual Sugar 140 g/l
  • Region Sicily
  • Vineyards Area of production is Malfa, island of Salina, archipelago of the Aeolian Islands. The soil is of volcanic origin and sandy; the vineyards are planted on the coast, less than 50 meters above sea level.
  • Winemaking The grapes are hand harvested then laid on reed mats to dry in the sun for about 20 days. The raisined grapes are gently pressed and left briefly with skin contact. The must is then drained and ferments slowly at controlled temperatures until the fermentation stops naturally. Aged minimum of 5 months in 25 liter fine oak barrels.
  • Tasting Notes Color: Intense gold, with copper reflections. Bouquet: Lush and ample with intense scents of honey and herbs like rosemary and oregano. Taste: Sweet, full and smooth. Well-structured, pleasantly aromatic with intense scents of Mediterranean wild herbs, raisins and dried apricots.
  • Food Pairing Pairs well with foie gras, rich cheeses, pastries and tarts, chocolate and ice cream.
  • Additional Notes
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    Mocha Crème Caramel