Rapel Valley

Rapel Valley, found just below the Maipo, is officially divided into the sub-zones of Cachapoal (Peumo vineyard is found here) and Colchagua and is quite famous for its plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Semillon and has a particularly good reputation for full-flavored reds. Santa Emiliana (Walnut Crest), Cono Sur, Los Vascos, Santa Rita, Undurraga and the smaller Discover (Montes) are found here. The region, overall, is hotter than Maule to its immediate south.

Cachapoal stretches from the city of Rancagua in the north to Pelequen in the south. The climate is warm and rains are concentrated in the winter months. The vineyards that are concentrated near Peumo receive a greater marine influence (colder than other areas of the Rapel). Soft, delightful wines with intense fruitiness are found here, especially in the Peumo area.

Colchagua sits between San Fernando in the north and Chimbarongo in the south. The climate is Mediterranean but, like the Maipo, has cool, mid-range and high temperatures according to proximity to the Andes.