Vanni Lusetti

Vinification, the act of making grape juice into wine, takes place in the Albinea Canali cellars under the watchful eye of Master Oenologist Vanni Lusetti, a native of the Emilia region, the heartland of Lambrusco, known for its fine food and thriving agriculture.

Raised in an area with such a strong heritage of agriculture and abundance of vineyards, Vanni soon discovered his passion for winemaking. He pursued his oenological studies and earned his degree in Winemaking at the famed university in Conegliano Veneto. During his tenure as a winemaker after graduating, he continued his studies in Winemaking and Winegrowing, as well as in Marketing and International Business.

“I was born in Italy’s beautiful Reggio Emilia and I’ve been making wine for most of my life,” says Vanni. “So, as you might imagine, it is a particular passion of mine. My knowledge of grapes and winemaking is the product of extensive formal education as well as practical experience. But as I see it, there should be no snobbery involved in either making or drinking wine. That’s why I put a lifetime of expertise to work every day creating wine that people like me can enjoy not only at the table, but while reading, listening to music or cheering for the local team. This requires combining my sensitivity to tradition with optimal innovations. Our region is proud of a winemaking tradition dating back over 2,000 years.”