Rudy Buratti

Rudy Buratti has been part of the winemaking team at Castello Banfi for over 30 years and its leader since 1999. Fittingly, one of his first duties at the renowned vineyard estate in Montalcino, Tuscany, was quality control. Today he oversees a team of nine managers and 50 cellar workers, and enjoys a direct rapport with the Mariani family proprietors of Castello Banfi. The family’s focus is on producing more organic wines that are lower in sulfites and histamines.

“With a constellation of single vineyards producing a range of innovative Super Tuscans as well as traditional Brunello di Montalcino,” notes Mr. Buratti, “quality control is fundamental to expressing our unique terroir, maintaining a consistent style and upholding the reputation that we have earned over the past three decades.”

Buratti was part of the original team that isolated and registered 15 optimal clones of the Sangiovese vine to make consistently outstanding Brunello di Montalcino tailored to the micro-climate of the Castello Banfi estate, where he continues “zonation” studies designed at pairing grape varieties to ideal soils and sites on the domain. He is also a co-author, together with colleagues at Banfi and professors from the universities of Pisa and Milan, of the 444-page case study detailing Banfi’s research and development over the past three decades.

Most recently, Buratti led Castello Banfi through its third technological makeover since its dedication in 1984, overseeing development of a new micro-vinification area for the estate’s top wines, including the creation of new and innovative wood and steel fermentation tanks developed and patented by the Banfi winemaking team to incorporate the best features of each material. Buratti has also implemented a move away from filtration for Castello Banfi’s top estate wines and an upgrade of filtration systems for premium wines to enhance individual expression and flavor.

Born in Bleggio Superiore, Trento, Rudy Buratti graduated in 1981 from Italy’s prestigious Agricultural University of San Michele Alto Adige, one world’s premier enological schools. Earning his degree there entailed six years of study, plus a two-year internship at a local winery where he became involved in all phases of the winemaking process. Today Buratti lives with his wife and children in Sant’Angelo Scalo, near Castello Banfi estate.

The Castello Banfi vineyard estate and winery is the first in the world to be awarded international recognition for exceptional environmental, ethical and social responsibility (ISO 14001 and SA8000) as well as customer satisfaction (ISO 9001:2000). Castello Banfi was also declared “International Winery of the Year” an unprecedented four times and Italy’s “Premier Vineyard Estate” an unprecedented 11 consecutive years at the VinItaly wine fair in Verona, Italy.