Nicolas Quille

Nicolas Quille is general manager and head winemaker of Banfi Vintners’ boutique portfolio of wineries in the Northwest United States, directing production for Pacific Rim, Rainstorm, Unparalleled, and Silver Totem
Nicolas was born in Lyon, France, to a family with three generations in the wine business. He holds a Master degree in Winemaking from the University of Dijon, Burgundy and a Masters in Sparkling Wine Business from the University of Reims, Champagne. Prior to coming to the United States, Nicolas worked in Burgundy and the Rhone Valley as a winemaker. He arrived in the United States in 1997 and worked as a winemaker in California and then in Washington State, beginning his path as an expert and leader in Pacific Northwest winemaking.

In 2005 Nicolas earned his MBA with honors from the University of Washington. With his business degree in hand, Nicolas went to Bonny Doon Vineyard as General Manager where he supervised the restructuring of the family business involving two significant merger and acquisition transactions. After closing those transactions, Nicolas led the Pacific Rim brand spin-off from Bonny Doon and became the General Manager and Winemaker for Pacific Rim Winery, which was later sold to the Mariani family of Banfi Vintners in 2010. Nicolas stayed on in his current position with the new ownership leading the growth of the Riesling-centric Pacific Rim brand from its Portland, Oregon headquarters. Since then he has spearheaded Banfi’s Northwest portfolio under the Pacific Rim, Rainstorm, Eufloria, Sweet Bliss, Unparalleled, and Silver Totem brands.

Nicolas is currently the Vice President of the International Riesling Foundation, a board member of the Washington winery sustainability group Winewise, a member of the Washington State export committee and a hopeful student of the Master of Wine program.

When he’s not working with wines, the father of two children, enjoys cooking (though he leaves the heavy lifting to his wife), performing handy jobs around the house, playing board games and gardening. He eschews TV in favor of podcasts, cycles to work everyday – rain or shine – and delves into international political news every chance he gets.

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