Michelle Geber

After two years in the US as Brand Ambassador, Michelle Geber has returned to her family’s Château Tanunda estate in Australia’s Barossa Valley as Export Manager / Principal. In this role, she oversees all sales, distribution, and market expansion in worldwide markets, with a particular focus on the United States.

 At the forefront of the sales team, Geber (pronounced “GHEE-ber”) has been integral in launching Chateau Tanunda through her tireless efforts presenting to and meeting with distributors, key accounts, and even consumers. Her charming, outgoing personality and passion for her family’s estate and the Barossa Valley make her an ideal ambassador for both.

 Prior to coming to the U.S., Geber worked in Samoa through an Australian government-sponsored initiative, honing her skills in marketing, communications and information technology.

 Geber started, though, studying history and political science, followed by an internship with Oxfam, researching new business development through use of information communication technology. A love of the visual arts – she is a keen photographer – led to a diploma in computer graphics, which she put to use creating Château Tanunda’s marketing materials and website. Now, she is studying towards a master’s degree in economics and international business. Along the way, during a promotional tour in China, she moved out from behind the desk to the podium, speaking to audiences about her family’s Australian Château. Traveling to eight Chinese cities in 16 days was good practice for her new role as Château Tanunda’s ambassador in the U.S.

 Her experience living abroad for 6+ years has given her a broad understanding of world markets and emerging markets for Australian wines. A passion for diverse culture comes from her extensive international travel as well as from her parents – father John Geber was born in South Africa and her mom is from Switzerland. Also inherited from her father is an entrepreneurial spirit; she has learned to “think big and be positive” as she tells the story and expands the reach of  her family’s estate.  It also helps being highly energetic — she is a competitive athlete playing volleyball, softball, and soccer.