Brachetto – red grape of Piedmont originated in the Colli Astigiani and Monferrini. There are two varieties of this grape Brachetto. Quite possibly a native of Bellet, France near Nice in Provence, where it is called Braquet. Some suggest that Cleopatra fell in love with Caesar over her first sip of Brachetto.

Brachetto d’Acqui is a superb red wine produced with Brachetto grapes grown in an around the town of Acqui. It produces a delightfully spritzy or fully sparkling red. According to tradition, the wine was greatly appreciated by one of the most famous characters of Italian comedy in masks, Gianduja da Gioan or Giovanni of the Jug. The figure is said to have drawn inspiration for his bubbly high spirits from this fragrant, fizzy red. He regarded Brachetto as the wine most suited to filling the jug he always carried around to satisfy his refined palate.