LaLus is another extraordinary wine born at Banfi Piemonte, the result of the “Albarossa” project. Albarossa is an amazing red grape created from the union of Barbera and Nebbiolo. The grape was conceived in 1938 by Professor Dalmasso during some experiments with typical Piedmontese varietals.

In 2001 four wineries, among the most important in Piedmont, including Banfi, decided to invest in and research this unique varietal. In 2006, the first vintage of Albarossa was vinified.

Banfi Piemonte’s La Lus, which translates to “the light,” (the new dawn) has an intense ruby red color with soft tannins, yet offers the potential for extended aging. The wine matures in French oak barrels for 12 months followed by an additional 8 in the bottle.

The winery also houses an enoteca and wine museum, reputed to be the foremost in northern Italy. In it are exhibited wine presses, rudimental bottling equipment, corking machines, a variety of painstakingly restored wine accessories and ancient hand-blown wine bottles. Many of these artifacts had been in use at the old winery in the 19th century.