Mont’Albano was green before it was in fashion. For them it was, and continues to be, a life choice, a way of looking not only at the vineyards but at the world around us. Today they are happy and proud of their choice. It is a choice they will pass on to their children and, as with a sip of fine wine, to the tables of their customers and friends.

The name Verdissimo, Italian for “greenest,” characterizes the goal to produce wines that reflect respect for the environment and the practice of sustainable agriculture. Produced solely from organically grown grapes, these vegan-friendly wines celebrate the true nature of their grape varieties and the careful nurturing of their winemaker. In the same ecological vein, labels are made of recycled paper and bottles are of thinner glass and lighter in weight. Mauro Braidot is the founder of Mont’Albano, located in Colloredo di Monte Albano in Friuli. In 1985, he pursued his passion and chose to follow the principles of organic viticulture. In 1990, his estate was awarded the first organic certification in the Veneto.

In 2008, Sartori acquired Mont’Albano, the producer of Verdissimo. With total respect for the organic focus of Mont’Albano, Sartori di Verona offered the winery its expertise and production potential together with their understanding of the international markets and consumer demands.