Bolla Sparkling Rose

  • Tech Info
    • Alcohol 11 %
    • Acidity 3.2 g/l
  • Region Veneto
  • Vineyards Select hillside vineyards of Trevigiano. Soil consists of mixed clays.
  • Winemaking Select grapes are gently crushed and pressed then quickly separated from the pumice to avoid imparting too much color on the young must. After the first temperature controlled alcoholic fermentation at about 18°C, the base wine undergoes a second fermentation in closed pressure tanks for the “prise de mousse,” resulting in a fully-sparkling wine.
  • Tasting Notes Color: Light pink. Bouquet: Powerful floral bouquet. Taste: Fine and persistent perlage, with a fresh, fruity flavor.
  • Food Pairing Served chilled, Bolla Sparkling Rosé is the perfect accompaniment to hors d’oeuvres, delicate first courses, white meats, and fruit-based desserts.
Bolla Sparkling Rose Wine Bottle