Jose Guilisasti

 Born into Chilean wine aristocracy, Guilisasti is part of the current generation of the family which runs and owns a significant stake in Concha y Toro, Chile’s best-known wine producer and one of the world’s ten largest wine companies. Thanks to this background and his training as an agronomist, Guilisasti is keenly aware that he and his family are just custodians of the vineyards for future generations.

Emiliana, says Guilisasti, is based on three pillars: “profitability, respect for our workers and respect for our natural resources.” However in 1986 when Emiliana was founded, there was no roadmap to translate this theory into practice. In essence, Emiliana was and still is a remarkable experiment, designed to master the intricacies of sustainable, organic and biodynamic farming.

José Guilisasti has been both the inspiration and point-person to handle these organizational details. In the process, this man behind the acronyms, has become Chile’s reigning expert on eco-procedures, an authority on vineyard management and with Emiliana has helped to create the world’s single largest source of estate-grown organic wines.
















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